Running the Green Trail!

One of my favorite things to say when  I meet people from New Jersey as I’m traveling is that one thing we all have in common is that we like to leave our home state. I do seem to run into a lot of people from the Garden State as I roam the country, but it seems like a lot of the people I know tend to stay put. Maybe they’re on to something. Whenever I come back from a long road trip, working abroad, or living on the other side of the country I’m reminded of the peaceful nature trails so close to my hometown that I took for granted.

Parvin State Park is about fifteen minutes from the place I stay when I’m in NJ, and it’s by far my favorite place to run. Some of it is nostalgia, but the trails circling the massive Parvin Lake are objectively beautiful. There are deciduous trees that change to beautiful colors in the fall and coniferous trees that hold the snow in winter with their bright red berries perfectly complementing the landscape with a touch of color. All of this and more makes this a perfect place to run any time of year.

There are myriad trails to choose from in the park, but my most frequent choice is the green trail that circles the lake closely and comes in at around 3 miles, allowing me to get my arbitrary 5K fix. I will often add in other trails to add distances as well as avoid the popularity of the lake trail since it is quite narrow and makes for awkward passing at times. Even on a busy day the feeling of peace and seclusion isn’t hard to find on the green trail. That’s where I filmed my three miles this weekend and took advantage of the break in the constant rain for a perfect running day.

I wanted to highlight some of the best parts of running this trail and have some fun at the same time. As steady as it felt like I was keeping the GoPro in my hand while I ran the video shows the shaky truth. I’d love to try out a stabilizer next time I do one of these. Still, I had fun and it gives you an idea of this beautiful trail. I would highly recommend coming to Parvin if you’re in the area and if not, I encourage you to go explore your local area and find the beauty you’ve been overlooking! Enjoy!




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