As much as I love to see new places and discover the beauty unknown to me, it’s nice to remind myself how much beauty there is right around the corner. Union Lake is one of my favorite places to go for sunset for two reason: 1) I can get there in 5 minutes and 2) The sunsets are absolutely beautiful. The lake is a mile wide and there is a beach area on the east side which makes for ideal sunset viewing. The open sky and reflective water is a perfect combination for great photos.

Last night the water was more calm than I’ve ever seen it. There was almost no breeze at all. It didn’t help that it was unseasonably warm and I was getting around on crutches. It was a cloudless night as well, but the sky was beautiful as the sun dipped below the trees and left its orange glow coloring the mirror-like reflection in the water. I didn’t get many photos, but I was happy with a lot of the video I took. Check it out.

One of the myriad challenges of being on crutches is carrying anything. I can’t get coffee because I have nowhere to put it. The only way I can carry things is in a bag, so I strapped my camera bag on and headed out last night. It’s really not bad, but it makes me selective in what I take with me. Carrying the tripod would be an extra difficulty that I didn’t attempt last night. I need to come up with some better ways to transport the rest of my gear with me. Until then I’ll be working with what I’ve got and rigging things up like balancing my phone on my camera bag to take a time lapse. It’s all a work in progress.

Here’s where you can find Union Lake:



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