A Beer at Sunset

Yesterday started out rainy and very cold, but quickly changed into a gorgeous autumn day with clear skies. A couple of friends suggested going to the local brewery, Glasstown Brewing Co. For the first time since leaving the ER I left my crutches in the car and walked, albeit slowly, around the brewery and to the picnic tables outside. The wind from earlier had subsided and the sky was lighting up nicely as the sun dropped. I can’t recommend Glasstown enough. They consistently put out great beers, and everyone who works there is incredibly friendly. If you get the chance, go!


I must say that it feels amazing to not be using crutches again. You never realize how much you’re taking for granted until you can’t walk, get up and down steps easily, or hold anything in your hands (I can finally go get a coffee now!) As much as it has been disappointing to miss out on a couple of hiking trips and a few other events over the last week, I have a renewed motivation to take advantage of everything I can once I’m healed completely. I can’t wait to get back out on trails!

Here’s where to find Glasstown Brewing Company:


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