Glacier National Park has tons of amazing hikes, and the Swiftcurrent Pass Hike is no exception. The trail winds through forests, across snow, and then up a rocky mountain to arrive at the Swiftcurrent peak where there is a fire tower lookout. The nature changes constantly with views of mountains, lakes, and wildlife abound. The strenuous hike to the peak yields views of the entire park from the center and a knowledgeable ranger to speak with if you’re lucky!

The hike itself is a fairly gentle grade that switchbacks up the mountain, but it starts to get a little steeper toward the top. The fire lookout is in view early on as you leave the tree line so it feels much closer than it really is at times. Besides the incredible 360 view, there were goats and little rodents hanging out near the top, coming up to the elderly park volunteer like they were old friends! The volunteer ranger was friendly and ready to chat with anyone who makes the climb. He spends a few nights a week keeping lookout and then has a few days off. He makes the hike up and down every day he is there. He pointed out the peaks, a few points of interest, and even gave us a topo map of the park!


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