Finding Solitude


Driving the western edge of Rocky Mountain National Park at dawn was like waking up but feeling like I’m still in a dream. Everything was soft and quiet, and there were no people except the occasional other driver. Shadow Mountain Lake was a hidden surprise just as the sun was thinking about cresting the horizon where I could pull over and enjoy the view in the very cold summer morning air. I would have stayed longer if I wasn’t losing feeling in my fingers. Mornings like these are why travel inspires me so much. There’s so much beauty in this world that is there just for you at any given moment.

2 thoughts on “Finding Solitude

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  1. Wow! This really made me think about discovering the everyday things we take for granted and how much they really mean when we take a step back. Thanks. From http:/


  2. If only the tens of millions of people stuck in their personal fight for survival would have a chance to experience the beauty that is out there our country would be a very different place. Thanks for sharing your photography


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