The Subway

Subway Falls

Hiking The Subway in Zion National Park has been something I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw the photos on my first visit. It always seemed impossible to plan with my spontaneous visits to the park. My previous attempts at getting a permit the day I visited had been unsuccessful, but this time Becca and I got the last two permits for the next day! I was overly excited to finally see this place with my own eyes and get a chance to photograph it myself.

Shooting something that is a magnet for photographers in a place this beautiful is a hard thing to do because so many amazing photographers have been there and spent the time to get incredible shots. Finding something approaching unique is almost not possible when you’re just using the landscape. I took a few snapshots of the classic Subway shot just to get a feel for how it was done and the way the light plays off the curved canyon walls. As I waded in the water and waited for hikers to get out of the way I found this little pool where the water cascaded over the edge beautifully, and I felt like I’d found my shot.

I wanted to incorporate the tunnel-like walls from which The Subway gets its name, but I also wanted to include the water we hiked through for three miles. It’s hard to capture the feeling of awe one experiences standing in a place like this, reflecting on the power of water and nature to create such breathtaking features, but I hope this image gives you some idea. If nothing else, I hope it compels people to get out and do this hike and see it for themselves! At the very least I hope it does for you what similar images have done for me: inspire my wanderlust and desire to be out in nature to go find the beauty that surrounds us all no matter where we are!

I’ll have a video up very soon with more from this beautiful hike!


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