The Ear Canal: Make Your Voice Heard!

Ear Canal

Our National Monuments are under attack by a reckless regime in the United States government that sees no value beyond the bottom line. There is still time to make your voices heard. Visit this website before July 9, 2017 to leave a comment letting the government know that these designations are important for us and future generations! Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Bears Ears in Utah are just two of many that are under review!

This is the full URL:

Outside the well-known National Parks of Utah, there are tons of slot canyons that have been carved into the landscape over millennia of wind, sand, and water rushing through them. Peek-a-Boo Canyon and Spooky Gulch in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument are two of my favorite slot canyons and they happen to part of one loop hike. Whichever way you take it has some challenging parts, but overall it’s an easy slot for anyone willing to climb and crawl a little bit.

This view is from above after I climbed up, stemming and using counter-pressure techniques that are a big part of why I love these canyons so much. They are basically a huge playground in nature, and they are some of the most beautiful landforms I have ever seen. It’s addictive climbing through narrow spaces and getting different views. This one makes me think of an ear canal. I will sometimes get myself to a spot and just sit in awe of the natural creation that is these slots. I think this is something everyone should experience in their life.

It’s too easy to dismiss something you don’t understand, so let’s make sure the committees reviewing our most precious natural lands have all the facts straight from the people who appreciate them. We can make a difference by making our voices heard. Please take a moment and leave comment before July 9 and I will see you out in the canyons!

One last time the link is


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