Frank Turner: First Tours, Self-Reliance, and Catching the Travel Bug


Frank Turner is one of my favorite musicians. He has been touring the world creating inspiring music for over a decade, and on Friday, May 4th he will be releasing his new album, Be More Kind, into the world! I will be revisiting the interview I did with him on Halloween 2016 to celebrate and anticipate this release. I’ll be posting clips every couple of days highlighting some of my favorite parts of the interview. If you are already a fan then enjoy the clips while we eagerly await the new music, and if you’re not a fan yet this is the perfect time to check out his music and get tickets for the World Tour!

This clip focuses on how Frank Turner first realized touring life was something that was in his blood and what he learned being on the road:

You can see the full interview at this link, and I will be posting more clips until the release of the new album, Be More Kind, on May 4th! Pre-order it here.


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