Episode 102 – Meagan Eishen – Don’t Let Your Dreams Get in the Way of Opportunity

Welcome to episode 2 of don’t worry, i’m finite, the podcast! Meagan Eishen and I met while working on the Westerdam cruise ship, much like my first guest. My friendship with Meagan began when we were stranded aboard the ship during Covid with no place to dock. She did open mic piano shows and we discovered our shared love of pop punk music when I threw my sheet of paper into the mix with Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” as a suggested song. She immediately talked about how excited she was to play it and I knew we’d be friends from there!

Listen to Meagan’s episode here!

We talk about so many topics in this episode, but the big takeaway for me is that if you are open to new experiences and say yes to opportunities, life will take you to amazing places. We have both traveled the world and worked many types of jobs before finding ourselves working on ships, and we find that we both have the mentality that we can kind of do anything if we really want to. This kind of work takes sacrifice and a willingness to step into the unknown, but we agree that facing our fears is much better than hiding from them.

Fittingly, Meagan did this lettering at sea on her new cruise contract in the Mediterranean!

It turns out Meagan and I both have an insatiable need to create and be creative. While I was figuring out how to start a YouTube channel and make podcasts Meagan was following her passion for doing calligraphy and lettering that turned into a business catering to weddings and more!

I’m continually inspired by not only Meagan’s work ethic but her attitude towards life. Being around people who create and are kind is so inspiring, and it’s something I hope to do for others. I hope you’re inspired by Meagan’s story as much as I am!

Check out Meagan’s Instagram for Warmest Regards and her website here! Give her a follow and consider hiring her for some great lettering work! She was nice enough to do a video of her creation for the podcast which you can see above.

Don’t forget to check anchor.fm/dontworryimfinite for new episodes every week and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Bonus videos every Friday on the YouTube Channel!

Until next time, stay creative and inspired!

Don Macavoy

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